Who is ronnie

Who is Ronnie M Goldfarb? Honestly I am still trying to figure that one out.

I am a photographic artist based in Wisbech.

Growing up in two countries has opened my eyes to how different cultures can view exactly the same thing from different angles and it fascinates me. As my art further grows I want to look to other artistic cultures to find diverse solutions and alternatives to approaching different art projects or topics of conversations.

Over the last 6 years I have traveled to many different countries; Israel, Thailand, Barbados,France, America, India and soon China in a search to learn the different forms and practices around art in the World. In my recent trip to India I went to Jaipur and explored the different artisan studios and factories - seeing how they hand make paper, hand print patterns to clothing and make ceramic art; In Bandhavgarh I met an artist who painted directly onto fine cotton fabric; In Pondicherry I visited Auroville a self sustaining town full of spiritual expression. Each country adds a further layer to my self developing journey as an artist.

By utilising these experiences I aim to create not only a personal art practice that considers each step of the photographic printing process but also teaches others how they might help and enrich their view not only about photography but Art and the World in general.

Please look to my portfolios for some examples of the photographs I produce and read about the different processes I utilise to make it.

Why did i build a darkroom?

I think this journey started at university . From the very first moment when my lecturer explained the history of photography and how prints were originally made I was hooked. From that point on I spent my first year exploring albumen printing and how it works. Then learning that the paper you choose or make has to be sized correctly… down the rabbit hole I went and the further I traveled the more I learnt and whole magical universe revealed itself to me.

The photographic universe showed me all these different possibilities of expression and depth that I was desperately trying to find in my photographs and I could not get enough of it.

The only road block I hit came in the form of the university’s darkroom and technicians. It was not an issue of having the space or if the technicians willing to help me make it happen but it is just that the space was for everyone and the technicians had to protect everyone. With a high footfall some of my wacky Ideas were impossible to make and some of the processes I wanted to use… well I ended up waiting 8 months until it was all figured out and I could actually print !

So as I came to the end of my three years at uni, and felt that I had just begun exploring the universe of photographic alchemy. I was now facing the vast world of reality only with having 2 options; 1) I could go to london and try and figure out a way to rent a darkroom and somehow find a way for them to approve the processes I wanted to use - costly and still had to wait! Or option 2) build a darkroom of my own and have the freedom to work and make it however I wanted.

With the aid of my family and my savings, option 2 became a reality and here I am 2 years later. The Alternative Darkroom exists and is built to cater specifically for the creation of high quality alternative photographic printing. For me a universe has opened with unrestricted freedom of exploration.

The best thing is that now it is built and working I can also offer the same opportunity to others because it is a private darkroom that possibility of experimentation and exploration into the universe of photographic printing is available to others. The Alternative Darkroom is open for anybody who is interested in exploring and experimenting with photographic printing. Be it a student, teacher, individual or group the Alternative Darkroom is available to all.




Arts University Bournemouth - BA (Hons) Photography

Art Residency


Orgnahaus, China


Dimbola Lodge Museum and Galleries, Isle of Wight



Ra'a Solo Exhibtion - Organhaus, China


The Place Bedford, Bedford
The Angel, Wisbech


LAPC Show & Tell - Photofusion, London
Exit Velocity T1 - Truman Brewery, London
Summer Shows - AUB, Bournemouth


UJS Incubator - JW3, London


Making of Amelia Rose Bechetteís Letter - C102, AUB


End of Year show - Sir John Lawes, Harpenden


End of Year show - Sir John Lawes, Harpenden



(Co-Organiser) Exit velocity T1, Truman Brewery, London
UJS Incubator - Arlington Conference Centre, London

Gallery Work

2016 -

Groundworks Gallery, Kings Lynn - Front House/Technician

Regarding Nature


Bird After Bird
Fire and Ice
On the stony path herman de vries

Out of the Wood

2014 - 2016

TheGallery, Bournemouth - House Leader/ Assistant Curator/Technician

Jerwood Painting Fellowship
Summer Shows
HE Summer Show
Forkbeards Fanatsy’s Theatre of Animation
The Future of Fantasy
Drawing Theatre - Pamela Howard
The Firebird, Diaghilev and the Ballets
Russes Pop-Up Exhibition

Summer Shows
One Second Of Light - Giles Duley
Plastic Vanitas: Mariele Neudecker
Stitch in Line
Suddenly Last Summer
Bournemouth Arts by the Sea - The Sound of Still Life & Art inspired music by DJ R-Nandez
Music Architecture Poole

Jerwood Drawing Prize
Summer Shows
Paul Wenham-Clarke: The Dark Highway
Black Mirror 0: Territory Launch Event
Landscapes of Exploration – Curated by Liz Wells
Making as Method
Bathing Beauties - Re-Imagining The Beach Hut for the 21st Century
Oyster Pleasance: Bathing Beauties Exhibition
Illustration Symposium Interpretation


BA (hons) Degree
Emergency First Aid at Work Certified



+447534 946 035


RmGoldfarb Alternative Darkroom, Tejacey, Cox's Lane, Wisbech, Cambrideshire, PE13 4TB.
(On same site as Tejacey Kennels and Catteries)